I’m probably going to get a PSP when it’s released here. I already have a DS. As such, it’s hard for me to be biased to one or another. In the end, I’m not tipping the sales in favour of one or the other. I’m not the kind of person that either Nintendo or Sony would go for because they don’t need to do anything to win me over.

My gamer loserdom meant that I was sold on these devices the minute they were announced. I have certain issues with both of them, yes. I hate the fucking UMD convergence shit that the PSP is pushing, and the DS is clunky, but the mere fact that you can plug games in and play them is good enough for me.

I mean, christ, I own a GameGear and a Wonderswan… and I haven’t played either of them. (I really want a fucking “Turbo Express” and a NOMAD too.)

But, regardless, the bottom DS-bashing photo posted on John Ricciardi’s game log is amusing.

Edit: I will, however, try my damned hardest to resist getting a Sony product on launch, as Sony launches with the shittiest pieces of plastic shit that have ever been shitted. The DS has had problems with dead pixels — a minor problem, but an annoying one and one that has hit me too — and Nintendo has promised to fix all DS’ at no charge. A day into the PSP’s launch, and I’m hearing about dead pixels… and dust in the screen… and air bubbles… and defective buttons… and broken UMD trays that either won’t close or open arbitrarily while using the system.. and, of course, systems that won’t power up at all.

Glad to see that Sony quality hasn’t changed after all these years!

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