Even though it’s still unfinished and needs a lot of tweaks, I decided to change the style sheet anyway. I meant to have a complete site overhaul (not just style change, but dump MT and restructure everything) for the 31st, but that didn’t happen thanks to busyness. Then I just meant to change the style for the 31st, but I couldn’t even get that done in time. Putting this live will hopefully give me that extra bit of motivation to get it finished.

I do like the style, though. Even if it is a bit “standard” in layout.

The reason I was pushing for a 31st relaunch is that, well, that was the day this damned weblog turned five years old. December 31st, 1999 was the original incept date*. Man… that’s a long time ago now. A whole other millennium even!

I’m amazed by my persistence at it, though. It’s been stronger here than elsewhere–I couldn’t get past my second year of post secondary schooling and this morning I start my fourth job in a year (this one will last, I swear). I can’t get myself to start writing the next great novel — or just a lousy one — and yet I have published tens of thousands of words right here. Hell, probably as much as two-hundred thousand. Geez.

Anyway, happy new year and welcome to Year Six. I’m freaking ancient in weblog terms.

Oh yes, and regarding TEH NEW JOB: I’ll probably have more reason to think about games because of it, so hopefully I’ll have more post fodder from that. It should be fun!

* The history is as follows. December 31st, 1999: first Blogger post to a free hosting service. More entries followed in January. Early February 2000: I moved it from my free host to my free university webspace. I redesigned it and gave it more focus. For some stupid reason, though, because I changed servers I just created a new Blogger weblog instead of just changing the config files. The older stuff, since it wasn’t in the archives, went into limbo. So, in a way, February 2000 can be considered an incept date as everything has been a continuous sequence since then. May 2000: registered the domain, got paid hosting, and moved it there with a new design and, obviously, new name. That is the birth of “”.

(Yes, I like big titles.)

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