Welcome To The World of PC Gaming

I brought the new PC rig home, went to the computer store orgy on College and picked up a new monitor, came home and hooked it all together and… the keyboard didn’t work. God damnit. Stupid wireless piece of shit.

Everything else, though, was working flawlessly, so I am 101 keys away from getting back into the “has a decent computer and can play games released this year” club. It’s been a long time since I was a member.

This is why I never was a PC gamer. Apart from the occasional sessions of Civilization III and SimCity 3000, and the even rarer (way long ago) plays of Counter Strike, my PC gaming for the last five years was virtually restricted to browser based games, some emulated MAME titles, and the occasional freebie (ABA Games and such). Anything with the slightest amount of polygons was out of my range–my computer just couldn’t handle it (thank god for old school software renderers, they were the only reason I managed to play Counter Strike, low-resolution and all).

Now I have a machine that can handle all that. I installed a demo of Doom 3 to test its capabilities, and it looked and ran great. I have no idea how it plays, as all I can do is just stand still and look around, but Doom’s gameplay wasn’t the motivating factor for downloading the demo anyway. No loss there.

Thus, I now have the capabilities to catch-up on the years of PC-centric gaming that I have sorely missed. I need game recommendations. For titles released in the last five years, preferably. Anyone?

I do intend to pick up Half-Life 2. That’s a given. I want to give Far Cry a shot, and maybe even Doom 3. Should I get Battlefield? Or should I wait for the sequel? Call of Duty?

The original Homeworld has always been a game that I’ve wanted to play, so I’ll try to track that down. Maybe some Rome: Total War too. Beyond that, I’m having a hard time thinking of anything that isn’t a shooter (there’s enough already) or an RTS (not interested). Suggestions?

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