A Scary Thing

A horrific event occurs every year or two: Uwe Boll releases a new movie. This event is always greeted with extreme vitriol and sheer disgust. Yet, despite that, there seems to be no stopping this man’s film diarrhea. Either this man has an admirable passion for what he does irregardless of what other people think of him, or he is completely lost in his own little world impervious to the criticisms. You can guess which one I believe.

Everything I say about Uwe Boll I say not having seen a single one of his movies. Criticism like this should be frowned upon, but it’s hard to argue with practically every review in existence. Rotten Tomatoes scores 1%, Metacritic scores 9, IMDB has it at 1.9. This is outstandingly bad. Never have I seen scores this low.

The man comes across as a complete idiot with no common sense, yet he continues. Alone in the Dark should be a career killer, but he continues. Continues to bring more pain (Bloodrayne trailer) based on generic video games. Worst of all, he’s taking Ben Kingsley down with him. Yes, that Ben Kingsley. As much as I liked him before, this association is enough to make me reconsider his entire career.

At least with Tara Reid, there was nothing to reconsider.

As UweBoll.com says: Dear Mr. Boll, please stop making movies.

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