Edge on GT4

I was browsing the Gran Turismo 4 review blurbs at Metacritic when I saw, at the very bottom of the list, this quote from Edge Magazine:

Gran Turismo 4 is fundamentally unconcerned with furthering the art of the videogame. This titanic franchise, this critical, load-bearing pillar of PlayStation, is barely even a videogame at all. It’s a hobbyist software suite, a racetrack tutorial, an encyclopaedia you can get in and drive off.

That sums up my feelings about the entire series. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the original Gran Turismo. Hell, I had golds in every (non-license) event! (I attribute that to youthful enthusiasm and a lack of funds for any new games, so I just stuck with that) Being older and wiser and with years of real-world driving experience, I can’t find the appeal of having to do license tests so that I can be rewarded with the ability to drive a beat-up used Civic. If I want to do that, I’d just borrow my parents’ Honda.

Unfortunately, I’m a digital media whore so I bought it anyway.

But Edge made a good point and it made me wish, for the 3548th time, that it was available here.

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