iPod Shuffle

iPod in my PC case.

Sticking out of my black PC case like a big, bright, white Apple middle finger “fuck you” is my slick new iPod Shuffle. It is slick. It is small. I like it.

The Shuffle is not only my first mp3 player, but my first portable music player ever. Considering that I listen to a lot of music and that I’m a tech geek, it’s surprising that I’ve managed to go so long without one of my own. I’d borrow my parent’s walkman/radio in high school and my sister’s discman later on, but that was it.

Unfortunately, as this is my first, I have no basis for comparison. The only portable systems that I have experience with are game machines, but that doesn’t help much. I mean, sure, the Shuffle does sound better than the DS, and it is more convenient to carry than the SP, but it can’t make cool tunes like a regular old gameboy.

iPod + Dreamcast.
I still consider “iPod White” to be “Dreamcast White”.

Quick impressions: the sound quality is pretty damn good, it’s extremely light, nice simple UI without any fluff (don’t miss a display at all — except, maybe, when it randomly shuffles to some newly acquired tune that I can’t recognize and I’m left scratching my head trying to figure out who it’s by), and easy to install/setup. The only downside, for me, is the (expected) iTunes integration. I like good old Winamp just fine, and I don’t like being forced to use iTunes to set up my iPod. The thing doubles as a flash drive, so why the hell can’t I just copy mp3s onto it directly and have the damn thing play those automatically? I realize that the answer is probably “DRM”, but still… iTunes annoys me.

PS. I’m using my own inconspicuous headphones rather than the included white ones. Since the quality is no different, I’m wondering what this says about my character?

iPod shuffle.

My first iPod mix:

  • The Art of Noise – (Who’s Afraid of) The Art of Noise
  • Beck – the new, erm, sampled album
  • Beck – Hell Yeah EP chiptunes!
  • Blur – The Great Escape so I like it a lot
  • Chemical Brothers – Push the Button
  • Feist – Let it Die
  • Felix da Housecat – Devin Dazzle and The Neon Fever
  • Fila Brazillia – Dicks
  • Frontline Assembly – Civilization
  • Juno Reactor – Labyrinth
  • Needle Sharing – Switching to Channel Inferno
  • Out Hud – Let Us Never Speak of it Again
  • Primal Scream – Vanishing Point
  • Tarmvred – Viva 6581 more chiptune-incorporated tracks!

It’s too bad that the iPod shipment missed my birthday by three days. Oh well, better to have a belated reward than nothing at all.

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