The Forgotten Mix

Digging through some old CDs, I found a few ancient CD-Rs loaded with miscellaneous mp3s. The CD-Rs date back at least five years, and many of the mp3s they contain were acquired before that, during the pre-Napster days even. These discs are time capsules from a time before my musical tastes refined. They are also from a time when full albums were hard to come by so the collection has a lot of one-off songs and singles — mostly ones that were getting some airplay..

The compilations are laden such with Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moments as “why the hell did I download this?” and “I remember this crap!” and “holy shit! I forgot about this track/band, it holds up remarkably well.” In honour of these revelations, I have made a mix. The Forgotten Mix is a compliation of various late 90s minor new rock radio hits by bands that, well, didn’t amount to anything but these minor hits. Some are good, some are pretty damn good, and others are… not so good. If anything, maybe this compilation will jar a few memories loose.

Download it here through You Send It [72MB]. Get it while you can, cause the YSI link isn’t going to last.

Track listing:

  1. K’s Choice – Not An Addict (Man, I remember when this premiered domestically. Still good.)
  2. Remy Zero – Prophecy (These guys were supposed to be “the next big thing”. Who knows what happened to them. Good track.)
  3. Tin Star – Head
  4. Brother Kane – And Fools Shine On Junk. I remember these guys having another single, but that sounded almost exactly the same. A Nickleback precursor or something.)
  5. Tracy Bonham – Mother Mother (Part of that somewhat annoying post-Alanis deluge of bitchy rock chicks.)
  6. Squirrel Nut Zippers – Hell (Yes, this got airplay on the Edge.)
  7. Space – Female Of The Species (I think this made it to the midway mark of the Thursday 30. Odd that I remember that. The song, itself, reminds me of driving the parents car on Hurontario St. during the summer. I was 17.)
  8. Mono – Life In Mono (I still love this tune. I’ve yet to see the movie it was in or read the book it was based on, “Great Expectations”.)
  9. Ramasutra – Marder
  10. Lo Fidelity Allstars f Pidgeonhead – Battleflag (“On yo motherfucking knees.”)
  11. VAST – Free (Another one of those “next big thing” duds. From what I remember, VAST was just one dude. No idea what happened to him.)
  12. Victor – Promise (Was a minor hit, apparently by a solo project of a Rush guitarist — not a bad song.)
  13. Bare Jr. – You Blew Me Off
  14. Sprung Monkey – Get Em Outta Here
  15. Euphoria – Delirium (Not to be confused with Delirium’s “Euphoria”)
  16. Supreme Beings of Leisure – Strange Love Addiction
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