The late Babylon 5 game (with media!)

One lower-profile game that I have a modicum of interest in is Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. Conquering nations and the world is fine and all, but I have my sights set on the galaxy.

I’ve had a long standing thirst for epic space-opera battles translated to the video game medium. I know there’s been a few games like this (hence why I installed Homeworld), but they’re very rare and if any did come out, they came when I either had no PC or no capable PC. There’s been a bunch of space sims that did this, but they’ve always been “one man in a fighter” affairs. I want entire fleets at my disposal. Nexus seems to do this.

Visually, Nexus seems to draw a lot of artistic inspiration from a lot of sci-fi sources. One inspiration that stands out for me is the design of this ship, which bears a very striking similarity to Babylon 5’s Earth Alliance destroyers. Very similar. This makes me anticipate the game even more, for the thirst is actually a specific one — a desire to see a retail* game capture Babylon 5’s vast universe and large-scale battles.

* (I am aware of I’ve Found Her and I do intend to try it, but I desire the full production values a retail product would bring.)

I still think about the “what ifs” of the now long-cancelled Sierra Babylon 5 game. Oh how I wanted that game to come out. I remember watching the trailers in anticipation, listening to the Christopher Franke preview track, and then hoping that I would have a computer that could handle it. Then came the sad, sad news.

But now, you can reminisce along with me. Not too long ago I dug up an old CD-R with, to my surprise, three trailer/promo videos and one preview audio track. I’m not going to put them all up as I fear for my server, but I will put up the mp3 and one two video trailer.

B5GamePreviewTrack.mp3 – preview of Christopher Franke’s score, and it’s pretty damned good. [3.19MB] – preview trailer that mixes in-game footage with TV show
ootage and — it seems like — original CGI. [18.9MB]

BONUS : b5_vidcap_1_big.mpg — supposed ingame footage.

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