The People Before Me

Certain revelations have come to light regarding my apartment’s previous tenants. The clues were there all along — the weird deformation on the door, the filthy, filthy windows when I moved in, the mail from Berkeley — they just weren’t deciphered.

Today, as I met my neighbour for the first time (after living here for five months) the truth came out. My apartment was the target of a raid. Apparently, the previous tenants were growing a lot of weed here. Enough to warrant a raid. If I had known that there was a puzzle to solve here, I’d have been on it. You know, all gamer-like. But I was oblivious to the clues.

There’s some sort of game metaphor there, but I’m not keen enough to realize that either. Perhaps a game design principle. If you’re going to have a puzzle/riddle, make it obvious enough so that the player knows that there is a puzzle to solve. Otherwise, they might go months without even realizing your genius. That would be a shame.

As an addendum, some dude got stabbed right outside of my building on Saturday. This is a nice area.

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