Virtual Photographer

Ignoring the game within Gran Turismo 4 — something that is easy to do as it overloads you with millions of random functions and features, few of which have anything to do with actual racing — I have to say that the seemingly throwaway photo mode is, to my surprise, rather impressive. This virual camera features almost as many capabilities as a regular low-end digital. You can change aperture, focal length, and other random technical terms I know little about.

Since the renderer doesn’t have to worry about frame rates, the photos this generates can be of far higher resolution than the game itself. And since it wouldn’t be sensical to store 200kb+ images on a crappy ole’ memory card, Gran Turismo 4 allows you to save the images to a USB Flash Drive. My new iPod Shuffle is a flash drive, so I figured I’d try that. I didn’t have any expectations for it to work, but… it did. It saved a folder called GT4/ in the root of the iPod and put the images in there without a hitch. (Supposedly, it also supports direct-to-printer imaging.)

You’d think that with such quality USB drivers that Polyphony could have, at least, supported the fucking Sony hard-drive.

GT4 Photo

Here’s a couple sample images of my new used Mitsubishi Eclipse. Thank god that GT4 allows you to import your previous GT3 license data. I’m so relieved that I’m not forced to sit through that shit again. Thanks to that, I was in a car and off to the races in no time.

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