Bridge Toronto and random bits

Bridge, with bitshifter, flight404, We Work For Them, and DJ Kero. April 9th, 2005. Be there or be 8×8.

My list of the top shows that I grew up with that do not have a DVD release:

  1. The Dana Carvey Show — the best show to last for six episodes ever. Just today I realized that the *other guy* on the show was Steve Carell. This makes me want it more.1
  2. Parker Lewis Can’t Lose — at least give us the first season!
  3. Exosquad — I really liked this toon. For what it was, it was amazingly epic and sprawling. Never got the attention it deserved and was relegated to stupid hours. I remember waking up at 6am to watch this on weekdays.
  4. Herman’s Head — ok, it wasn’t a particularly great show, but I think that anyone that watched The Simpsons during its first few years (during its Thursday night run) has fond memories of Herman’s Head. Pure nostalgia here.

Caught the new Nine Inch Nails video on The Wedge and it was awesomely boring. Then, after it was done, The Wedge went and played Head Like A Hole. What a big tease they are! The video can be, for the moment, viewed here. As for the song, it’s not horrible but it feels tired. The sad thing is, the other songs that I have heard off of this album are even less impressive than The Hand That Feeds.

The new NIN is setting up to be a disappointment. The new Garbage is already a massive disappointment. sigh. The 90s aren’t quite what they used to be.

1. Crap, now I can’t get the picture of him and Dana Carvey paying a hooker three hundred dollars and then running away giggling out of my mind.

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