Spent the weekend at my parents’ place, so the new PSP was used often. It needed some wearing in anyway, and nothing has been tasking the system quite as much as Lumines. Man, I’m hooked. Everywhere I look, I see two-coloured squares arranged two by two, falling, dropping, matching-up and exploding. It’s the modern equivalent to tetris mind.

There isn’t too much to the game, really. The play modes and styles are limited, but, really, so was Tetris and that didn’t stop it any. I find some of the “skins” in the game to be over-designed and hard on the eyes (especially the one in vs. mode against that laser head thing), but overall they’re all unique and interesting. Music’s alright. But the game… oh yes, it plays well. Too well almost.

PA Comic on the PSP

As you might have already seen, the “downloads” option in WipeOut Pure loads a built in web browser and accesses a “coming soon” landing page on SCEA’s site. Since its standard HTTP, the requests can be (relatively) easily redirected, as was done here. Now that’s all well and good, but another dude set up a DNS name server that redirects the SCEA request to his PSP portal. This is far easier to set up. Thus, I did. The above photo is proof.

So I can browse the web (and my site, above) on the PSP. Rock. It doesn’t support CSS, but in the case of my site that’s a good thing as it makes the content far more readable and accessible on a such a low-res screen. I knew this strict xhtml structure would pay off one day.

One last geek thing. The Rasterbator has provided me with this image, from one of my favourite (nostalgic) games of all time.


Maybe I’ll put it up on my wall.

Edit: Hmmmmm

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