I neglected to mention it before, but I’ve been challenged, by Walter “Ludonaut” Kim, to an IGF-off. I accepted the challenge — perhaps foolishly — so now that it’s publically acknowledged, I can now be held accountable for my lack of delivery. I do intend to deliver, however, even if the delivery is a steaming, rotting pile of manure.

The challenge is as such: thou shalt make a game and submitteth it for judgement in thee Independent Games Festival. The submission period should be in September, so that gives me five months. Not a massive amount of time, but since there was no mention of quality or completeness, anything’s game. Nonetheless, pride would dictate that it’s best to do something playable. Even Driv3er-type of playability.

I have ideas — oh so many, many ideas — but I have no clue as to how I’m going to approach any of them. Even worse, I don’t know where I’m going to find the free time for this, but unlike some of the others that were challenged, I ignored these concerns and commited. No commitment issues from me here.

And so it begins.

The middle-wareish platform that I’ve been considering the most for this endeavour is Torque 2D. There are other such environments that are under consideration (sticking with Flash because I know it so well, maybe Director, maybe Blitz, maybe Popcap’s system), but I’m thinking that Torque is probably the best (and affordable) of them all. The one negative is that it lacks an in-browser player like the ones Shockwave or Virtools have, but I’ve heard that there are plans to make one.

The only thing I can’t figure out is what is the difference (other than twenty bucks) between the early adopter version and the normal one. Anyone?

Now if only time and sleep could be purchased… zzzzz.

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