First there were Podcasts, which were mp3 clips passed through RSS and synced with iPods. Since they were mp3s, they could be listened to on any mp3 player and the iPod connection became kind of moot. But the name remained and it annoys me. Others agree. As I posted there, I’ve seen a few people justify the seemingly iPod connected “Podcast” terminology by saying that the “POD” stands for “Personal/On-Demand”. I think they’re full of shit..

It’s a stupid name based on a brand that has little to do with that brand and isn’t very clear to those new to the terminology.

Then, of course, someone went and coined PSPcasting. Please stop. It’s stupid. It’s not clear. It’s not even easy to say pee-ess-pee-cast. Please stop with the <corporate brand>cast garbage. What’s next? A DScast? Zencast? Network Walkmancast?

If you put your rss feeds or mp3s on your Palm, are you Palmcasting? No. You’re syncing data. And, in this case, you are syncing syndicated media; this isn’t synonymous with broadcasting. Um, synesthesia in a synod in Sydney. Please find a better term for this. Or, just use something simple like “video syncing”.

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