This weekend has been the catch-up weekend. Today alone, I caught up with various online writings and news, got some neglected cleaning done, watched a pair of movies that I bought weeks ago but never even opened, reorganized my gaming set-up, got some badly needed groceries taken care of (no longer do I have fridge consisting of a jar of mayo, some old mustard, two onions, and some beer), rejigged, updated some minor things here and, somehow, even managed to replay some good ole Gradius V.

Now that the gaming setup is cleaned up a bit, I can show it (posted on Flickr with notes).

My Gaming Setup

I tagged it with GamingSetup but, sadly, I am the first to do so. I browsed through other similar tags, but I couldn’t find any geektastic setups. Which is unfortunate as I find those interesting in a voyeuristic/geek sort of way.

What needs to be said is “I hate those shelves”. They’ve been with me since I was in grade-school. Seriously. I want to get rid of them. I will get rid of them. It’s just that on the furniture/decor priority list, “new shelving” is far below “counter table” (next week), “stools for said table”, “new couch”, “something to make the walls less boring”, “another DVD tower”, and possibly “new bed”. The need for some of these things is quite evident in the larger scale living room semi-panorama. Kinda bland, I know, but I’m slowly getting there. Give me another six months.

I don’t know where that black line on the left (in the living room shot) came from. Even with the Photoshop-like UI tweaks (WinXP port down in the comments), GIMP is still a mess to use.

Hey! My delicious inbox is back.

Thankfully, I missed out on all the lame April 1st absurdity on the web on account of being *gasp* away from the computer and *double-gasp* out in meatspace. It was in this “real world” that I attended my first ever Toronto Rock lacrosse game and a (close to first ever) comedy show (for free, thanks to the connected comedy maven that is Jenn — I thanked you already but I’m going to do it publically as well). Two social outings in two days? That might just be a record for me.

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