FITC Day Three

Yes, there was a day three. I’ve just been slow getting to it. Also, swamped.

Since day three fell on a work day (Monday) and I had work to do, I couldn’t attend the full day. But I did manage to catch the final two presentations by the two biggest draws (well, not counting Carson) of the whole thing: Josh Davis and Yugo Nakamura.

I expected Josh’s presentation to be about drawings being randomly placed on the board, and that’s what it was about. Only difference was that this time it was for Tool. With Yugo, I expected him showing his work with the help of a translator… and that’s what he did. Certainly, my expectations were met, but the fact that Yugo was speaking at an English conference — a rare occurence, I hear — was good enough for me.

Liberty Village

The one surprise from the show, however, was the relevation that he did Amaztype. I saw it before, briefly, but had no idea. He also showed a Japanese flickr-like site that, technically and design wise, blows the hell out of flickr. However, it was even more flash based and had no social or tagging elements on it, so in the end… let’s call it a draw. However, it was mentioned that he is working on a public version that should have open APIs and will, hopefully, be available in English. Could be interesting.

All in all, it was a good event and probably the best yet (of the four years). There are many glowing reviews , and next year looks to top them all.*

* Bias alert: I’ve personally known the organizer for years, so of course I’m going to say that.

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