FITC Day Two

Day two wasn’t as busy a day as day one because 1) I slept in and didn’t arrive until after lunch; 2) caught three presentations and only three presentations; 3) went home right after the the last presentation was done. There were a couple of events after the show, again, but I was tired and went home to crash. There was a possibility that I would head back out again, but… I didn’t feel like it.

Liberty Village

At least I had a working camera with me this day, so I took more shots this afternoon than I did all year. I think I’m going to up my output now that the weather is getting nice and now that my camera has, seemingly, fixed itself.

Today’s presentations consisted of Robert Hodgin‘s RE:Processing, James Patterson‘s Feedback Loops, and David Carson‘s Design Grafik After The End of Print.

David Carson draws a crowdObviously, Carson was the big draw of the day.

All three presentations were quite good, but the one thing that surprised me is that I somehow expected David Carson to be a better speaker than he was.

I have uploaded a bunch of photos to Flickr.

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