FITC Days One

Once again, on Saturday, I headed off to my annual pilgrimmage to FITC (formerly Flash in the Can). Of the four years it has been around, I’ve only missed one, the second year — a year when I was an even lazier bastard. But I was there this year.

Unfortunately, my photographic evidence of the first day consists of the following shot, and only the following shot. As soon as that was flashed to the flash card, the battery died and the camera was DOA for the rest of the day. It was later discovered that the charger wasn’t plugged in properly. I made sure that this mistake would not be repeated for day two.

Day One

On day one, I caught Marcos Wescamp‘s Expression Through Information Visualization, moock‘s Multiuser Concepts and Code (which had an interesting side-presentation from a partner of his about the elevator status visualizations for dentsu), Karsten Januszewski‘s Introduction of Microsoft’s “Avalon” (a technology, despite having potential, I’m not sold on. The web needs another proprietary format like I need a hole in my head.), and various other bits and pieces. The highlight, though, was Ben Fry‘s and Casey Reas‘s Computational Information Design. Really interesting presentation, actually covering process and the whys of their work rather than just showcasing it (as some people tend to do). More so than any other presentation it made me want to have a go at it and dust off my old processing code.

Following the presentations, and after some wandering around, came bridge. This was a social event… so I can’t say that I was too font of that. There was some music and video stuff for a while, a crapload of people, some more boring video stuff from weworkforthem. Basically, things I just would have left home early for were it not for the finale of bitshifter, with live visualizations from flight404. Damn. Good. Show. It was worth tolerating three hours of the show for it.

I mean, chiptunes are cool enough on their own, listened through headphones. Well, I think so. But live? So much better. You can’t help but be entranced by bitshifter’s roxorzing out and his constant gameboy switching and flicking. It’s too bad that my camera was dead, for my (shitty) cellphone pic just doesn’t do the scene any justice.


Rocking out 8-bit style, boyeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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