I hadn’t touched processing in over a year, but now that the public beta is available I figured I should check it out again. Perhaps this is post-fitc inspiration. Or maybe it’s just something to do on a computer that is vastly different — though only slightly lighter on the brain-cells — to what I am doing at work all the time.

So I wanted to do graphs. Or charts. Or other such visualization type thingers. I had an idea for a piece of information design that I wanted to implement, but as my time is short all I managed to do was import data and a crude test. But now that I have the data integrated, I can do something interesting with it. Hopefully.

The data, by the way, is console hardware sales for this generation (sans Dreamcast, as I can’t find the numbers for that) up to and including December 2004 (don’t have all the data for this year). If anyone has this data, on a per month basis, that would be super. It’s probably no surprise that I would use this data, but I figure that these hardware sales numbers are thrown around so often that they’ve been abstracted to meaningless. When it’s convenient, that million is for consoles sold… when not, it’s consoles shipped or whatever other bullshit spin the manufacturers can put on it. I haven’t seen too many graphical displays of the cold, hard console sales numbers, so why not this data?.

Graph showing sales of consoles this generation

More later, I guess. Hopefully interactive.

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