The Misbegotten Media

This weekend was a much needed break from the work computer… so, naturally, I spent a lot of it in front of my home computer. The only difference is that here I did not have to think about making the computer do stuff, instead I just consumed media. Lots of media. I have never watched so much on my computer as I had done this weekend.

It feels odd, turning your desk into an entertainment centre. The experience isn’t the same, especially when I have no speakers and a mere 17 inch screen, but for solo viewing the practicallity can’t be beat. All you need is a good connection and lots of storage space, and you’re set.

It’s not that I don’t like TV — I do — it’s just that with all the hundreds of channels, there is remarkably very little with watching. It’s a full-time job digging out the gems from the trash heap. I don’t have time for this. When I want, the internet does a good enough job of it for me. And that is the key for me, “when I want.”

It’s as though the medium of television is now (for the tech-savvy, at least) nothing more than a syndicated feed supplying all the torrent sites. The torrent sites are the aggregators of the public TVCasts.

So I used the weekend to catch up on things I missed, and to, *ahem*, “preview” things I very well might miss in the future. Since I’ve been rather wordless lately — or maybe maundering — I’ll let pictures do the talking, and idle thumbs‘ thumbs can do the commentary. (I’ve been posting a hell of a lot of images lately, maybe it’s a phase).

Battlestar Galactica season finale
Thumb upThumb upThumb down
Doctor Who Premier
Thumb upThumb meh
Howl's Moving Castle
Thumb upThumb up
Crucify This
Thumb upThumb meh
Gorillaz - Demon Days
Thumb upThumb up
With Teeth
Thumb DownThumb DownThumb DownThumb DownThumb Down

Good thing I don’t live in the states, cause what I have done might be confused with manslaughter.

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