R U e?

Welcome to the marginally improved generation of gaming! It’s like the last one, only better. Seriously. We have XBox Live… again. Wireless controllers like Nintendo and other third-parties have had for years. A camera peripheral like Sony has had for years, but now with video chat… again. Now you can listen to custom soundtracks, customize your cars and characters, see who’s online, and download/buy content for your games — just like you could before, but better! Marginally.

Somebody needs to tell the extremified J. Allard that new processors and new chips aren’t going to, as he says in this go us video, blow the doors off of the imagination of game creators.. Most of them are vapid already, new CPUs aren’t going to cure them.

Take a look at the results of this new found XBox 360 creative power: Higher polygon boobs; brief clips of a technically underwhelming game that was originally going to be an early GameCube title; some games with the number 2, 3, and 4 in their titles; some prerendered scenes of game cinematics that won’t look anything like the actual gameplay footage; and more first-person shooters! Whoop-dee-doo. Maybe Microsoft can use the extra power to find a proper ending to Halo 2.

I especially like how it seemed as though the XBox/MTV crew were trying their hardest to not show any Perfect Dark Zero footage. There’s a good sign!

Ghost Recon 3 looks nice, but overall I’m not impressed with the early game footage.

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