Achtung! Achtung! B-Alarm!

I started writing about the Nintendo Revolution, but the long weekend hit and I’ve lost interest in that subject. The basic gist was that Nintendo can not compete with Sony and Microsoft with hardware, so its plan to leverage what it does best, software IPs, in the next generation is the only logical and sane decision make. To open it up to indie developers, as the vague press releases hinted at, would be genius too and would definitely secure the Revolution a market (the size of which is indeterminate.) However, what Nintendo actually plans to do with those claims is nebulous and any excitement for indie console game development would be premature at this point. (elsewhere)

Then came the long weekend.

On Saturday, I went with my sister to the Distillery District to gallery-hop a few Contact Photo exhibits. Turns out there was a Jazz festival at the same time. Which is fine, except for the mass of people and the mass of old people and the over-priced food and drinks and the stupid lines to the over-priced food and drink. The main draw there was the Tomasz Gudzowaty exhibit, which had some outstanding photos. Really nice ones. Why it wasn’t a featured exhibit, I don’t know. The fact that they couldn’t spell his name right probably had something to do with it.

Distillery District

Sunday was spent at the parent’s house watching a Hitchcock movie marathon on MPix. After about four complete viewings and three partials, I think I’m all Hitchcock’ed out for a few months.

Monday, the day of the holiday, is currently being spent doing shit all. Watching the fireworks from the balcony with a beer in hand. Some cleaning. Some Forza Motorsports. Some Half-Life 2. Some Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law. A lot of nothing much. I need more of this.

Reflection at Distillery District

Meanwhile, the local new rock station has been running the “high school reunion” theme all weekend, which is basically an excuse for them to play music from their archives. Often, they come in chunks of music from a particular year, like 1994 or 1988 or whatever. I tell you, when they played a chunk of music from my graduating year, 1999, I changed the station. What a lousy year. Yeesh. My freshman year was so much more interesting.

Ridge Racer PSP is good.

What the fuck is Boutique Living?

What the fuck indeed.

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