Canadian Politics

Stop the presses! Canadian politics are interesting! What a shocker.

Feuds, defections, jousting, positioning, bargaining, and politicizing. Today, Canadians woke up with a government in place and might leave work without one. The fate of it lies on the decisions of a couple of independent non-partisan MPs as the other four major parties are virtually split down the middle. Crazy. A far cry from the two parties of our Southern cousins.

If the government falls then we’ll have a month of campaigning, a new election, and a new government before the end of June. Once again, a far cry from the almost year long campaigning that goes on south of the border.

Outside of a referendum here and there, Canadian politics don’t get much attention outside of Canada. Today won’t be much of an exception. But if Canadian politics did receive attention in the US, how alien would they seem? I tried explaining the current situation to an American yesterday and half-way through I realized how antonymous our system is compared to theirs and how “boggling” it must seem to one not immersed in it.

Eh, I like it.

EDIT: we still have a government.

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