NES emulator for the PSP

The news of the Gameboy emulator for the PSP forced me to move on this faster than I would have liked. I’ve been sitting on it for a while as I’ve been quite busy lately, but I’ll reveal it here and now: an NES emulator for the PSP, running my favourite NES game of all time, Jaws. It’s buggy, but as you can see, it obviously works.

NES Jaws running on PSP

You know, I’m amazed by how easily game sites and the average internet gamer doods (what supposition could be made about their average IQ? Hmmmm.) fall for bullshit logo mock-ups and “prototype” controller shots and “leaked” screenshots. The art of the fact check is completely on these people.

It’s this obsession that makes the whole bullshit ourcolony promotion so (unfortunately) successful.

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