On The Irritations of Mouthly Objects

Personal account of my dental situation follows:

Originally, I had a longer rant in mind than the one below. One that included more mentions of Nintendo and the ourcolony photos, but I forgot most of that over the course of the week. Perhaps for the best, as the vitriol was a lot more condensed (the best kind of vitriol!) It was the week of pain, with actual physical keep-you-awake-til-4-am pain.

The worst part of the whole ordeal was going to the dentist, paying $50 for the appointment (and $50 bucks for drugs — pain relievers, sleep aids, prescription) to be told that nothing looks wrong despite the severe pain I was feeling. So I scheduled a quick appointment for a second opinion on Saturday morning. I went in for a quick look, but I came out with one less nerve in my mouth. I was sitting there, waiting for an opinion about the cause of the pain, when all of a sudden the needle came out and: stab, stab, drill, drill, drill again, snip, YOINK, fill, “hey take a look at this small stringy nerve of yours”. I should have kept it as a souvenir.

What worries me the most is that I have lingering doubts in my head as to whether that was the true cause of my pain. Sure, the area feels better
now and I managed to get some sleep on Sunday, but I have a feeling that my next two dental appointments (both possibly this week) are going to be sour.

Strangely, this whole experience has inspired me to read more, so I bought The Book Nobody Read.

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