So as soon as I write the previous entry, the Playstation 3 details are officially… detailed and the XBox 360 has been officially said to be backwards-compatible. Less fucked, perhaps.

I kinda like the design of the PS3, even if it is just an official mock-up right now. It’s a hell of a lot cleaner than the odd looking concave XBox 360, with its gigantic button and awkward looking ports. Tech wise — eh. I’m sure it’s all fine and good. I’m sure they both are.

The videos and screenshots are certainly impressive enough, even if a good chunk of them are obviously pre-rendered scenes or “artist’s renditions” or not in-game action. I have a hard time getting excited about screens and video unless some actual GUI or interface is visible, because that means it’s actually being played and that it’s actually close to launch.

That said, the news that Warhawk (an often overlooked PS one launch-era title) of all things is getting a PS3 sequel has me feeling a little bit interested. Just a little.

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