Holy shit, I’m amazed at how vehemently convinced some people are on the authenticity of the fake “Nintendo ON” video.

Yes, it’s relatively well done and a lot of time has been spent on it, but it’s amateurish with the details. There are a lot of intangible things that you can see in the video that show just how non-Nintendo it is. It lacks the kind of top-down corporate brand touches that would make this feel authentic. The minute details.

Ignoring the technical, logistical, practical, and functional problems of a system like this — that’s a lot of problems — you can see many faults at the design and brand level. To a company like Nintendo, branding is very important. Very important. To this video… not so much. The little history of Nintendo bit uses sketchy footage and odd callouts (why would Nintendo list 1983 as NES? If this is being marketed for a North American audience, it should be 1985.) The castle bit is way too drawn out and the transition to the Nintendo logo is weak. When is the last time you have seen a pixelized Nintendo logo anyway? The “ON” logo is poor. Hell, I’m no designer but even I can sense that the type treatment is unbalanced. I mean, christ, it uses three different typefaces for the “N” character! Compare that with the DS and GameCube logos. I can almost feel the $100,000 difference!

Then there are the animations at the end, which look about as amateurish as those seen in Badboy ads (local furniture retailer). It’s bad enough with the figure interacting with the “Revolution”, but when you throw Mario into the mix it’s downright attrocious. Nintendo would never release such a weak, weak, weak animation of Mario. It’s un-Nintendo.

They’ve done stupid shit in the past, but Nintendo isn’t this retarded — especially when it comes to their brand.

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