Unfinished Epics

Domain registration

It passed without a mention due to reasons of unmentionable annoyance and irritation, but this domain turned five a few days ago. Five years means the wood anniversary. I only mention this for the euphemism opportunities it creates because, really, WTF is a wood anniversary? And, also, you don’t buy domains things. You just renew them.

Five years of this domain. Five year of other people’s misplacement of the dash (thein-between). Five years of confusing other people when verbally giving them my email address “at” “the” “dash” “inbetween” “dot” “com”. In hindsight, a domain with a dash wasn’t the best of choices — but, eh. It has grown on me; I can not part with it. So I won’t. Not until 2007. Maybe later.

In that span, there have been 405 Moveable Type posts, 1266 comments — 800 of which have been deleted for being douche-baggery spam — nearly a thousand Blogger entries, and tens of thousands of written words. Yet not a single one in over a week.

They were there, though. Thoughts and observations and comments about non-animalia long-tails relating to games and the industrial design of game machines and art GAMES. There, but forgotten and unformed. Lost to the ether; the heavenly and the anesthetic ethers. The (local) anasthetic ether mostly.

This Dental Epic, a long forgotten genre, began on the day of the last entry. Not satisfied with the still throbbing pain, I sought out a second opinion. That was Saturday morning, less than two days after my original dental appointment. I went in for a second opinion, I left with one less nerve and a beautfiul canal extending from the mighty banks of the enamel to the warm, cozy environs of the root.

Of course, a root canal on its own would be too easy, so I had to schedule a follow-up appointment with a specialist. So I did. For Tuesday morning. I also kept my previous appointment with my dentist for Wednesday, figuring that a good cleaning might be in order. Thus, Tuesday, I go to the specialist and get quite the painful shock… to my wallet. Two appointments with him, to finish the procedure, would cost $905 dollars. The extra five was to make it seem authentic and not like a mouthly gouging.

OK, fine, I don’t have insurance but more money and constant pain is less favourable than less money and no pain. So I agreed to it.

I expected Wednesday to be light. I thought I was going in for a cleaning. I was wrong. For the second time in the week, I thought I was getting some innocent work done when, surprise!, out comes the needle and the drill and, in this case, the pliers. I had a wisdom tooth yanked out. “Yank” being the proper medical term for this extraction, as the tooth did not go without a fight. That made the procedure all the more fun! The dentist couldn’t get a proper grip on the tooth and kept having the pliers slip off (and into my lip.) Even better, the tooth didn’t want to go in one piece, so as the dentist tried to pull it, chunks of tooth break off. Piece by piece it broke off until what was left was solid enough to grab onto and, given a two to three minute yank, it finally gave in.

But the war is not over, and I have a month of drills and fills to look forward to. Then a crown. And maybe some more work. Fun. There is a plus side, though. It might not be entirely pleasant to have your enamel drilled, but the way things are going… it is less painful than the non-stop ergon that I’ve been experiencing, and any opportunity to avoid that is a welcome one. Tylenol 2 not needed.


In conclusion, I am losing my mind.

Bonus Content: free Polarium puzzle for you. I think it’s easy, but I’m biased:

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