The contents of one’s bookshelf are probably as good a judge of character (or just plain interests) as anything else out there. Mine is less than voluptuous — definitely not well-endowed — but it sums me up succinctly. And yes, it is organized by book height, which probably adds to the Freudian analysis (aside: my DVDs are organized by colour).

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The only things missing from that are all my reference books — almost all of which are either O’Reilly or New Riders. Here be pictures of other peoples’ bookshelves. It feels almost voyeuristic.

It is worth noting that, for the first time in a long while, the books are not merely for show. They are actually being *gasp* read. Slowly, mind you, but surely. Slow enough as to not be dulled by it, but fast enough to not forget what the hell was going on two pages ago. I CAN FEEL MY MIND EXPANDING.

Bonus Content: an amusing image showing the dichotomy between Sony’s PSP marketing and the PSP reality. Or something.

Marketing vs reality

I obviously belong in the first group.

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