I have a fairly adequate level of tolerance. I sat through a root canal and a wisdom tooth extraction without much issue. Hell, it took me two weeks of agonizing pain before I even considered going to the dentist. I tolerated a four hour daily commute for almost two years straight. I sat through Wing Commander. I took courses in Discrete Mathematics. I have walked through blizzards with an unbuttoned jacket leaving my neck exposed to the blowing snow without ever getting sick or mildly permafrosted. I can tolerate these things.

The heat and humidity, I can not.

I hate how my shirt sticks to the back of my neck. I hate the sticky wrist that I get from using a mouse or wacom tablet. I hate the way the keyboard starts to feel after two or three hours of high humidity use. I hate the greasy, sweaty controllers during a gaming session. I can’t work, I can’t game, I can’t do anything at home except sit and roast and, maybe, watch tv. Lots of rerun movies and Discovery Channel and History Channel. This weather feels so… unproductive.

I miss the winter.

And it’s only the beginning of June. Fuck.

Today’s bonus content: the most impressive optical illusion I’ve seen in a while, appropriately named look at the middle.

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