Battlestar Galactica DVD

Scotty (James Doohan) was Canadian born? I did not know this. It always feel as though Canadians have a very strong presence in Sci-Fi TV. That maybe due to the fact that, to save money, many such niche series are filmed in Canada and, invariably, attract local talent. Like Battlestar Galatica, for example.

While Battlestar Galactica Season Two is in full-swing south of the border, here it sits. Space, in its full wisdom, will not be showing this season until 2006. This is not a popular idea. With the prevalent threat of spoilers, given the half-year delay, the only option is to turn to the internet. The creators have pleaded against such actions, but those of us that can’t get the show anyway aren’t affecting the ratings one way or another. So the option is tempting.

And if supporting the creators is what one wants to do, then the best way of doing this is by buying the DVDs. The DVDs for Season One. Which come out this Tuesday as a BestBuy UK-version exclusive, a full two months before the actual release. I don’t know how much the two versions will differ and what features will or will not be there, but this is the first time that I remember seeing such an extended exclusive for a DVD release. Quite the deal that Best Buy managed there.

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