End of Trip

I’m back. I arrived back after 1am on Sunday, a week and six hours after I left. In those 174 hours, I travelled 5864km (give or take about 5km, not counting the ferry crossing), wrote 21 pages of a “travelogue” (rough, jumbled, hand-written text. I’m sure I could stretch it out to fifty pages if I was so inclined), and took about 300 photos (including 24 on a crappy disposable “backup” camera).

That’s an average speed of 33.7km/h at all times through the week. Counting sleep and tourist-ish visits to cities and sites, that’s pretty damned impressive. Here’s the route I took:

RoadTrip Map

In that time, I was on a computer for two minutes at a New Brunswick tourist information site (hence the lack of detail in the previous entry) and I briefly used my PSP while on the three hour Fundy crossing ferry ride. During all other times in the trip, I didn’t once miss the computer or the wired world that I left behind. I feel a little… tied down, now that I’m back to it.

If anything, the trip has proven that my tolerance levels for such road-trips are quite high and, more than ever before, I am truly compelled to head to the west coast and to the northern territories. But I can’t see that happening any time soon. Now is the winter summer of our discontent.

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