This morning I could not find my umbrella. I searched all the obvious places in vain. I thought about the last time it rained and where I took my umbrella. I remembered walking to a GO Station with the umbrella, but I did not go on that train. I remembered taking it with me to work. Did I leave it on a Streetcar? Did I just forget it at work? No, I remembered taking it with me after work. Where did I go?

Then it dawned on me. The umbrella was in the refrigerator. How obvious!

Apparently, I had taken it with me to the liquor store after work, when I went to buy Killer 7 (these two things are not related, though after playing the game, I can concede that they might be.) Upon purchase I threw the umbrella into the bag with the beer. Once I got home, I placed the whole bag into the refrigerator, umbrella and all. Then I forgot about it. duh.

While I was in Atlantic Canada, taking many pictures of the highway, my sister was in Poland taking many pictures of buildings. When I went to get my disposable camera film developed I dropped off her rolls of film too. They were supposed to digitize my photos, but as I found out at home, they had digitized her photos instead. Since I have them here with me, I present a sample of my hometown (with an extra cock photo as a bonus!).

Looking up

Blue sky

She’s better at this whole camera thing than I.

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