greasemonkey escapist

I’m not sure what the origin of this… comic thing is, but it amused me greatly. Do not tell Jack Thompson of its existence, though.

On a similar level of stupid, I made my first second ytmnd, ff3battle.

Moving on to more technical matters, I really, really like the concept of the Greasemonkey extension, even though I do not have it currently installed (I have not bothered to reinstall after the, now resolved, security concern.) It gives the user power to access content how they like and it, effectively, can even fix web designer arrogance and misconception. It’s not without faults, obviously, as Greasemonkey can be horribly abused — generating extra, maybe even excessive, server load, or just generally mucking things up.

Wanting to refresh my client side scripting skillzz, I decided to make my first Greasemonkey script (or plain old bookmarklet). Though minor, some abuse is being commited in the form of page preloading. The target of this javascript abuse is The Escapist. This is how it appears now:

Escapist Before

It’s unnecessarily cramped, small text with a tiny, useless navigation (you can barely make it out). They’re trying to do the “magazine on the web” thing, but they’re going about it the wrong way. My script, while early, reformats the whole of the content into a two page spread (it preloads the content), enlarges the text, and big navigation buttons that dynamically load the next and previous pages without reloading the page. It needs formatting work and code clean up, but it’s getting there. Slowly.

Escapist After
Modal image