My Television

My Television: now with less green!. After a bout of good luck, it was inevitable that negative fortunes would strike back at me. Lightbulbs started bursting, muscles started straining, people leaving, and, lastly, my television blew. Sort of.

It was some annoying Zellers commercial that did it in. There was a lot of green in it. Strong, oversaturated green. My screen started to overload a bit, static built up, it flickered, and then snap. The picture went black and slowly faded back in, but without quite so much green. Everything had a bit of a purplish tinge to it.

After a day, nothing changed. Everything was going violet. The green wasn’t completely gone — it was still visible when it was very strong or in the menus, although the colour was off — but it was far, far weaker than it used to be. Undersaturated. Underexposed. It was most obvious during baseball and football highlights, the grass that they play on (not a very bright green, but green nonetheless) was brown. Every field and every golf course that I could see on tv looked like it was dead.

Thankfully, I watched House of the Flying Daggers a week before. That’s one movie that would not have been the same without all the green.

This is probably not the best photo comparison, as taking a photo of the television is going to distort the colours anyway, but here is how it compares:

Baseball on tvHow baseball looks like.
How Baseball on tv should lookHow it should look like (TV Capture Card).

If it’s some signal being lost or something weird, I should get it fixed next week. If it’s the tube, I need a new TV. Fuck. The worst possible timing.

And since I was taking photos of my TV anyway, here’s what channel surfing at 5pm on a Saturday looked like:

Volume adjust
Electric Playground, heh
Duck Dodgers!
Duck Dodgers!
Duck Dodgers!
Duck Dodgers!
Daily Show
Point Break
Little League
More golf
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