Celebrity Spotting (sort of)

So there are a lot of celebrities in town. I don’t really give a shit. The only ones I’ve seen have been the directors of two features I attended and Cyril Raffaelli who was at the Banlieue 13 showing. Apparently, according to the masturbatory entertainment “reporters” on the local news, the celebs like coming to Toronto because, on the streets, no one here gives a shit (unless you are some teen-wanker celebrity). This is why so many Canadian “stars”, when they have a chance, go to the States — nobody really cares when they’re here.

Anyway, my sister saw more “in the wild”: Jason Schwartzman on the street and the president of China. What? Well, his motorcade at least.

The president is here for some North American visit to improve relations or some political bullshit like that. While here, he dismissed real questions on the likes of Tibet and human rights, gave lousy excuses, and/or lectured us on our soil.

On Human Rights:

Given the different national conditions of China and Canada and given our different history and cultural traditions, it is quite normal for our two countries to have different views about human rights.

On Tibet:

We hope that the Dalai Lama will come to the right judgment of the situation, reverse his position [on independence] and really do something useful and beneficial for the country and for his ethnic group in his lifetime.

Arrogant authoritarian cunt. Hu does he think he is? Yes, all that for a stupid pun. No blazing political commentary from me. There doesn’t need to be — common sense, alone, should decry what Hu says.

To tie it back to the Film Festival, I should see Dreaming Lhasa on Wednesday, almost as if to coincide with this visit and the recent anniversary. Supplementary links: Rail Line to Tibet Is a Marvel, but China Is Mum. China Marks Tibet Anniversary, Critics Decry ‘Propaganda’.

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