Covers and Snakes and Shootouts

Based on their recent album, Franz Ferdinand could be a killer NES cover band. It’s been said that the music of the NES chips is most like that of three or four piece rock bands, which makes some sense when you think about it. With the kinds of hooks that Franz Ferdinand use on the album, many of their songs could be chiptunified. Or they could easily play NES songs in their own style. Either or.

New up and coming meme: Snakes on a mother-fucking Plane!. Now with soundtrack. You can’t miss with a concept like this. Snakes! On Planes! With Samuel L. Jackson!

I’ve hated the concept of the ice hockey shootout ever since I first became acutely aware of its consequences during the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics. It’s not bitterness from a loss to an arch rival that makes me say “fuck this shootout bullshit.” Rather, it’s a long standing dislike of the entire concept of the shootout. Fuck this shootout bullshit. I wrote some random, disjoint thoughts on the start of the season over at SportsFilter.

Otherwise, I’ve been real busy with new work commitments and an annoying, lingering illness. Hi.

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