Gas Prices

I don’t have a car. I don’t have consistent access to a car. I take the streetcar to work. As such, I don’t pay much attention to gas prices. However, recent chatter about gas prices has been unavoidable and I was amazed to learn that it was, locally, $1.349 per litre! I have seen the $1.00 mark broken once before, and that was in the middle of nowhere in New Brunswick during my roadtrip (by comparison, gas was about fifteen cents cheaper in Toronto at the time). Now, not only is the $1.00 mark broken, it is also shredded, burnt, and launched into space.

Of course, being on a very US-centric web, I constantly see people discussing (complaining about) US gas prices. The highest gas prices in the US? $3.13 per gallon. Curious, I typed the conversion into Google. To my surprise, the Google calculator converted currencies too.

1.349 CAD per litre in dollars per gallon = 4.299 U.S. dollars per US gallon. So the most expensive American gas is still more than a full US dollar cheaper than it is here. Nice.

Since I don’t have a car it’s not a big deal to me (until shipping costs work their way down through retail to me), so mostly I’m just impressed by Google Calculator‘s ability to easily convert that.

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