Seven Swords

At the ungodly time of 9:30am (for movie watching, at least), I caught Seven Swords. It was disappointing. Despite his brief foray into Van Damme movies (though, in all fairness, John Woo also fell prey to that), the director, Hark Tsui, is best known for Once Upon a Time in China, which basically introduced Jet Li. That was a real good film. This, not so much.

It was cornball, cliche, and eye-roll inducing. Apart from the very final battle, nothing in this movie was at all memorable. The swords had more character than some of the actors. Had I bothered to fill in my people’s choice ballot (which I haven’t done for any movie, though I regret not doing it for I Am, which was most excellent), I would have given it a 2/5.

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