Attack of the Forbes

Holy shit, this piece of tripe from Forbes, Attack of the Blogs, is the most moronic “mainstream” article I’ve ever seen about weblogs — and I’ve seen many. There is so much ridiculousness in there. Sensationalist FUD. However, I can’t say such things because it would make me an evil, ranting and raving attack blogger! Jesus Christ.

I could break down every printed paragraph, but I do not have the patience. Instead, heed these lessons:

  • Microsoft and SCO are unfairly targetted by bloggers because they are such good and caring companies and have done nothing to warrant a geek backlash.
  • NO, wait, Microsoft is evil for supporting bloggers. How dare they give weblog scum exclusive interviews with Bill Gates?
  • If you make security devices that can be beaten by a simple pen and you get a lot of bad press because of it, it’s not because of your own incompetence it’s because of an evil bloggeratti conspiracy.
  • Google is evil because they advertise on the web and, *gasp*, sometimes these ads show up on vile blogger pages.
  • Anonymous attacks are a bad bad thing. Yes. However, abusing the DMCA to counter-attack with lame “copyright” excuses is good.

There are real concerns and serious issues that could have been properly raised in this article, but the fluff piece is so over the place, so unfocused and so sensationalist, it just comes off as a parody of itself. Yeah, there are problems with free speech on the web — all free things have their price (just look at the reader reviews at — but to spin it in such a pro-corporate way is just rediculous.

Halpern has had less luck getting anyone in Congress to listen to his plaint. He says that may change if a few politicians get a taste of what he has gone through. “Wait until the next election rolls around and these bloggers start smearing people who are up for reelection,”Halpern says. “Maybe then things will start to happen.”

Yeah, good luck with that, because in an election it’s the bloggers that do all the political smearing — never other politicians. No. Never. Nor do “pundits” with millions of viewers. They never lie or make any personal attacks (thanks to anonymous sources.) No. Joe Bob with the weblog, with two dozen readers, is the real evil menace.

I don’t want to come across as a defender of gutless, anonymous mucksters, however, I do want to come across as a critic of misguided and idiotic “news” articles. So it’s a toss up.

Edit: OMG, pile-on! Look at that evil lynch mob go: boing slash.

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