Colossal Ads

There’s this video of a “news report” about some giants unearthed by last year’s asian tsunami floating around the internet now.* If some giants like this were discovered, you’d think you’d have heard more about it (not to mention that even a tsunami would have a hard time unearthing something so big.) Hence I — and many others — are 99.9999% convinced that it’s a viral ad. The question remains: what for?

I had my suspicions, but after seeing a pair of subway poster ads for Shadow of the Colossus today — already more advertising than I’ve ever seen for Ico — my suspicions grew. The markings on the stone in the “news report” are very much in the style of a Colossus and, also, Ico.

The good news of this is that it means that the release is, finally, only days away. The bad news — if this is indeed what this “news report” is about — is that advertising is getting shadier and stealthier. This I don’t like. Advertisements should be clear about the fact that they are advertisements. Being clever isn’t an excuse. Neither is being viral.

On the flip-side to that, advertising shouldn’t be too obvious, as is the case with Toronto’s new garbage bin pilot project. Have you see these fuckers? They’re obnoxious. They’re monsters.

They’re supposed to be practical garbage disposal mechanisms that support themselves through advertising, but, in reality they are giant obstructive billboards with unpractical garbage bins attached to them. I don’t want to notice the city’s garbage bins just as much as I don’t want to notice its garbage. Garbage bins should be invisible. Not electrified with giant 8 foot glowing billboards!

Contrary to their purpose, these bins do a good job of making garbage noticeable. They’re big and ugly and not at all practical, designed to bring in money and not garbage. If you do live in the city and you have seen them and you have an opinion on them, then tell the city. I think the ugly bastards should be removed, along with those awful iPod streetcar stop ads.

I’m really, really starting to hate advertising. More so.

* I hate linking it because by doing so I am supporting it.

Addition. Somewhat related article: SCEA Teams With to Promote Shadow of the Colossus.

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