Month of Futility

The month of futility is upon us. I would like to participate in the novel writing. I really would but I know I won’t manage it. Perhaps it would be best if I just quit before it starts. I’d have more time to finish Castlevania DS and Shadow of the Colossus.

In a month, the Dr. Mario / Panel De Pon (locally known as Tetris Attack) bundle that greeted the Japanese GameBoy Micro launch will get a domestic release, as Dr. Mario and Puzzle League. Panel de Pon. Tetris Attack. Puzzle League. Whatever it’s called, it’s finally (officially) available in portable form. It will be a good pickup that might get lost in all the 360s and Mario Karts and gun shoot kill games of the season.

Just wish that they bundled something other than Dr. Mario with it, which has been released two hundred million billion times already.

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