Two Fifty

Two Fifty focuses on one small idea and does it well. It gives you a checklist of movies and you mark them off when you see them. That’s it. It works.

The only problem that I have is that it uses IMDB’s arguably dubious Top 250 list. I wish there were multiple pre-defined lists for the ultimate in lazy.

One thing that I’ve wanted to do recently, ever since I found a DVD rental store that was completely stacked with them, is attempt to watch all the movies released via the Criterion Collection. It’s also a bit dubious, but you can’t argue that the mix that they have isn’t interesting.

In the end, I guess all such lists are dubious as there can’t exist one essential film list. You’ll never find a consensus. So, that said, I’ve seen nearly half of the 250. 118 to be exact. I could probably bump it up a few more if I were to count the movies that I’ve kind of sort of seen, but not fully completely (like Fargo), but eh.

Other lists: Time’s All-Time Top 100; AFI’s Top 100 American Films; Guardian’s top 10 sci-fi films, as voted by scientists.

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