Canadian Handheld Sales

The Gaming Age forums are like most gaming forums: brimming with unadulterated nerd fanaticism. The Gaming Age forums are particularly bad, though not as bad as some cesspools out there. I’m not a member but I visit once in a while for “anthropological reasons”. Sometimes also for the very useful (because the information costs money and is not published anywhere else) NPD sales threads.

These threads get pretty lousy too, full of “my gaming device is better than your gaming device” boasting and self-centred “why didn’t anyone buy this game that I bought” lamenting. Behind those cries and screams, though, lies some useful information.

This month’s thread revealed something interesting and something I hadn’t seen before: Canadian NPD sales numbers. They were only for PSP and DS sales, but that’s still something. The conclusion?

US – 2,376,895 (through October)
Canada – 467,000 (through October)

US – 2,028,530 (through September)
Canada – 508,000 (through October)

I found this suprising. That’s a 5:1 US vs Canadian ratio for DS sales and 4:1 for the PSP, despite the 9:1 ratio in population. I’m not sure what this means, but it seems as though Canada has, by a fair amount, more portable game consoles per capita than the US. Hmmm. Draw your own conclusions (assuming these numbers are valid.)

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