Civ IV – the end of a campaign

On Sunday, I played Civilization IV. A lot of it. And that was almost all I did.

The first thing I did was bring my Napoleonic Franco-Jewish Theocracy campaign to an end. I lost. With four turns left. Shortly after making contact with three other civilizations, back in the bronze age, I decided to focus on a cultural win. Since this was my first campaign, I though the less stressful route would be best. Save the wartime fireworks for another game. As the years went by, my borders and my influence grew. Chinese and Roman cities defected to my empire. Paris became a beacon of culture. I was winning without ever engaging a single military unit.

As we got closer to the end, Paris hit Legendary culture status (50,000+), while my other two major cities (Orleans and Lyons) were still in the 20k range. By then I started to realize that I wasn’t going to generate enough culture to win by 2050, so I started to shift my focus to scientific research. I founded the UN and started my way towards a diplomatic victory. The other major civilizations on my continent (including my long standing allies, the Russians) voted for me, while the other continent was in favour of appointing Cyrus. The Chinese abstained. They were the weakest and had the fewest votes, but that was enough to keep me from winning. They had to go. I had to claim their votes to push me over the top. So I mobilized. Bombers, fighters, and divisions of tanks and infantry. I set out my destroyers and my submarines to blockade and bombard their cities, while my ground forces moved into position. After a few battles against their SAM infantries, I was in control. Their longbowmen were no match against the steel and power of my mechanized infantry. Shanghai fell first. Then Beijing. Then the rest of China.

But it was too late.

Early on during the war, I realized that the Russians managed to sneak something by me. All at once, they had completed 3 seperate components for their Space Ship. Fuck! The race was on. I pushed harder, trying to expediate the war so I could get this diplomatic victory. I built spies and sent them to Mother Russia to keep tabs on their progress. With about ten years left, the Russians were down to two components. I knew where they were being built, because of my spy, and because of my great fortunes — I cut back cultural and scientific funding to generate more wartime funds — I sabotaged their plans. And again. And again. I can do this. I can delay them enough to win! It’s within my grasp!

Then they discovered my spy. There must have been an informant! No! By the time I managed to built one again and send it into their territory, it was too late. The Russians left the Earth for Alpha Centauri. I had lost. I had the top four cities in the world. I had massive cultural output. I was close to getting a diplomatic victory. Yet, in the end, my millenia old allies sneaked right past me and left me behind in their wake.

They will pay for this. I have saves I can revert to. I can go back and focus my military might on them. I will crush them, even if it means leaving half the continent an uninhabitable radioactive wasteland. They will pay for what they have done.

But first, I have two new games going that I want to finish! Then, and only then, will they get what they deserve.

God damn does this game eat up a lot of time.

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