Cop Games

A woman’s torso was found less than a block from my building. Yes, just the torso. It happened two weeks ago but today was the first time I heard of it.

I discovered this little news bit when two police officers solicited in my building. Two officers came to my door and told me what happened, they said that they’re looking for information and asked if they may take a quick look inside my apartment.

I agreed.

They asked for my id. I gave it to them. They asked for consent. I signed their form. Then they asked for my phone number. I said I’d rather not give it. He looked at me with suspicion but didn’t press the issue. He had no right to anyway. I’m a bit anal about giving personal information away (most people should be) and apart from confirming which apartment they checked, I wasn’t about to give them more.

The two cops looked around briefly. One of them checked my freezer, which I found odd until I discovered — later — that a torso had been found and that the head remained unaccounted for. A macabre thought.

When they came in I was watching an old rerun of Star Trek: The Next Generation, so I was already a little self-concious of my geekdom. Then one of the cops noticed my DVD towers.

“That’s a lot of games you have there. He perused through the many titles looking for something, “do you have the best one? An NHL game?”

“Yeah, I have an older one.”

He glanced at my console set-up and then asked me “which is best, the Xbox or Playstation?”

I gave him the non-aligned neutral answer. “Depends on what kind of games you like.”

He said “sports” so I said “Xbox”. He nodded at me, nodded at his partner, thanked me and left.

That brief incident got me thinking about how ubiquitous this hobby of ours is. My mind connects things like this. I also connected it to the Inquirer article The industry is in for a gaming crash I linked in my feed yesterday.

I don’t believe it will crash. I think it will slump (like it already has in Japan) and it might be a hard slump, but I don’t think it will crash. There might be a shift of interests and focuses — hopefully towards the quality products rather than the industry rehashes — but no crash. I might be arguing semantics but I think it’s a distinction worth making. Gaming is too ingrained in our generation and the one to come to go away. After all, gaming now spans from the Star Trek watching geek to the beat cop and everyone inbetween. It’d be really hard to disenchant everyone.

Though maybe I don’t give the games industry enough credit. Pun intended.

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