Edge Magazine and Castlevania DS

Canadian FYI: it seems as though venerable British game mag Edge is finally being imported by Chapters/Indigo. I don’t know if it’s a chain wide thing, but I’ve seen the publication in two stores so I’m willing to bet that the larger locations will have it.

Tonight, I finally beat Castlevania DS. The game is sort of like an Aston Martin sports car with a spoiler made of concrete. It’s well designed, nice looking, and runs real well, but somewhere down the line the designers wanted to add a spoiler, because they felt they should, despite not knowing how or why. So they made it quick and cheap in concrete and it weighs the car down and doesn’t function all that well, but the rest of the car is still slick and powerful enough to overcome it.

Or something like that.

What I’m getting at is that the touch screen implementation is lame at best. Other than signing your name, the touch screen is used to remove blocks in your way (which appear in, literally, three spots in the game — spots you never have to go through more than once) and to finish off a boss using a Simon-like magic seal bullshit gesture thing. A quick gesture that, if you get it wrong, resurrects the once dead boss. Nothing pisses you off more than battling a really tough enemy to its death only to have it come back to life and kill you because you couldn’t fucking remember which hand gesture you had to use. Don’t add functionality you don’t need because you feel like you should! The touch screen is not a requirement. It’s there if you need it, but shouldn’t be used it you don’t.

The other annoying thing in the game is that it relies a little too heavily on random item (soul) drops from enemies. You can do without most of them, but the few that you do need and/or are essential can be a pain in the ass to get. Moving from room to room, you expect a certain flow as you explore the large map. But when you need to get some souls, all you can do is enter a screen, kill an enemy, leave the screen, come back, kill the enemy again, and repeat until they drop a soul. This can take many, many, many attempts. It is frustrating.

But, um, good game. Yeah.

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