The Right Brothers

Speaking of appalling songs: there’s a “grassroots” campaign to Help Teach American Youth That “Bush Was Right!”. They wish to do that by getting a shitty song from the “Right Brothers” on MTV’s TRL. If you aren’t a fan of the Right Brothers (you should be!) the I suggest hitting their site and checking out their videos, like this quality number of Tolerate This. It’s “kicking”! Take that you punk listening non-voting fourteen year old bastards!

It’s hilariously misguided, just like the “LIES” they oust (there are clear, uncontested, proven links between Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and Al Qaeda?!?)

If they DON’T – then we’ll hit the media in a BIG way, showing how MTV plays left-wing videos while CENSORING conservative videos!

I think we’re all in agreement that MTV plays a lot of shit, but if they think that this “song” is worthy of being played, regardless of politics, then I can see why they would believe some of these LIES.

Guys. Seriously. We’re starting to get a little worried about you down there. Sincerely, your northern neighbours.

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