Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero is addictive as crack. This is an apt comparison because in Canada, Guitar Hero is about as difficult to acquire as any contraband. The distribution, especially north of the border, really really sucks. A shame; more people should play this game.

Don’t take my word for it. Anybody with an inner rocker in them falls in love with this game the instant they play it. I did, and even though I suck at it and am struggling with it on the higher difficulties, I still do.

I’ve seen complaints from some places that the game is “too easy”. What? Maybe to people that have played guitar for years and have played a million different rhythm games, I can see that. But for the average person, the game has a parabolic learning curve. For the average gamer, the guitar-ish hand motions take a lot of getting used to. I’ve held a controller in my hand since I was six. A guitar? Not so much. The game never feels unfair, but it takes a lot of practice to get good at it. Far more than the likes of Ampitude and Frequency, which relied on more gamer friendly button pressing and combinations.

What irks me the most about the game is something that Harmonix can’t control: outsider guitar snobs. The kind that always chime in to say that “playing a guitar is much more fun” or “get a real guitar.” No. I mean, why play Gran Turismo when you can drive a real car? Why play whatever sport game when you can play the actual sport? Why play Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball when you can go play real paintball? Why play Animal Crossing when you can just check your mail and go to the store… ?

This kind of attitude misses the whole point. For $70, I can get a fake guitar and instantly rock the fuck out to Thunder Kiss ’65. Instant. Otherwise, I can spend hundreds of dollars on a real guitar and an amp and not do that. Not without training, lessons and a lot of practice. And even then, I might never be able to rock out to the likes of Cowboys from Hell.

I just want to rock, without having to (nor wanting to) learn to play a guitar. Guitar Hero gives me that chance. It’s fucking fun too. What more could you ask for from a game?

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