My hip four digit blogger id (it’s been a long time since I used their service) confirms that this is my sixth anniversary of doing this. I’m a grizzled veteran.

After all these years, the weblog became a natural extension of the self. There isn’t any thought to it, there’s no pressure or desire to impress or attract traffic and no stress about posting habits. It just is.

I’ve seen a lot of change in these six years. I’ve seen it go from “web logs” to “weblogs” to “blogs”, from a small niche geek group to mainstream “credibility”, from an innocent distraction to a spam magnet. There’s been a lot of self-indulgence in that time, a lot of it archived across various computers on the internet (unfortunately), but we learn.

I couldn’t care less if weblogs change the world. It doesn’t matter if they bring about the downfall of the “old media” (hah). What matters is that after all this time, I’ve greatly improved my writing (looking at my initial posts is cringe worthy) and my “style” (there was a lame no capitals period in there somewhere) and I’ve met some cool people because of it. That made it worthwhile and as I probably say every year, here’s to more weblog perpetuity.

And if others have enjoyed anything I have ever written or if anyone was pleased by something I have linked to or got something, anything, out of this nonsense, then thank you.

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